Exposing 5 Popular Hair Tips Myths

47c77f5d2d0f90751af4a993da304ff5The Internet is saturated with hair care advice. Do this, do that, don’t do this, don’t do that and the list goes on and on. How is a person to know what is true and what is simply hype or conjecture? Thankfully there are a few very popular hair tips which have recently been proven to be based on fiction, and not fact, when put under the microscope. In this article we will examine 5 of the most popular piece of hair advice that you may encounter and expose them for the hair tips myths that they really are.

Hair Tips Myth #1: If you want your hair to grow faster simply get it trimmed more often

Myth Alert! Myth Alert! Recent information coming out of research being done at the University of California states that this is false! It is the follicles within your scalp that determines the rate of hair growth and not the ends of the hair, which is what is being trimmed. Regardless of whether you trim or not, your hair will still grow at an average rate of a 1/4 inch per month. What regular trims will do is to give the appearance of your hair looking a little longer, as this does get rid of split ends to help reduce breakage. Hair breakage can make your hair appear shorter since the ends are thinner. So to repeat, trimming will not make your hair grow faster!

Hair Tips Myth #2: Never use the same shampoo for long periods of time as it will stop working.

Myth Alert! Myth Alert! There is no evidence support this claim. Your favorite shampoo will not decrease in its ability to clean your hair after prolonged use. Depending on what you are doing to your hair, there are times when you may wish to switch shampoos to balance out things. For example if you decide to use heat products to style your hair more often than before, then you may want to switch to a moisturizing shampoo to help lessen hair damage due to the drying nature of the heat on your hair. Again, this change in shampoos is not because your current shampoo is no longer working, but for a totally different reason.

Hair Tips Myth #3: Lengthy periods of brushing daily is the key to healthy hair

Myth Alert! Myth Alert! Brushing your hair 100 times or 1000 times daily will have no effect on the health of your hair. Vigorous brushing does not add shine to your hair by spreading around scalp oil through the hair nor does it increase blood flow to the scalp which in turn promotes hair growth. How many times have we heard this one? Unfortunately heavy brushing often leads to severe hair damage due to the friction it causes on the hair which may result in cuticle damage and hair breakage. Current research is saying to brush your hair only as needed to style or untangle hair, and if you are brushing, avoid boar-bristle brushes as these are harder on the hair and scalp than synthetic plastic brushes. So to reiterate, concentrated hair brushing time will not give you healthier hair. In fact it may do just the opposite!

Hair Tips Myth #4: The less you shampoo, the less oil your scalp with produce

Myth Alert! Myth Alert! According to recent dermatology research being done in California, the amount that you shampoo, be it a little or a lot, has no effect whatsoever on your oil producing glands within the scalp. The amount of oil being produced by these glands is determined by hormones and genetics, not by your shampooing routine. In fact it does not matter how often you do or don’t shampoo, the same amount of oil is going to be produced by the oil glands in your scalp. Obviously there is a need to keep hair clean if you wish to avoid a build up of dirt and oil on your scalp and hair follicles which could lead to infections and skin irritations that potentially could affect general hair growth. So shampoo when you feel the need to have clean health hair, and don’t worry about any effect it will have on oil production.

Hair Tips Myth #5: Get shinier hair with a cold water rinse

Myth Alert? Myth Alert? Notice the question marks? They are not a typo, but are there for a reason. Talk to many hair stylists and they will say that this cold water rinse idea works great. Talk to a chemist and their response is more scientific in nature. Hair stylists will argue that the cold water causes the cuticle of your hair to shut which makes it flat and more light reflective thereby giving your hair that shiny appearance we all want. The chemist or biologist will counter this way of thinking by pointing out that hair contains no living cells, therefore it is unable to react to cold or even hot water. So this is one of those times that you may have to judge the evidence for yourself and see which group you want to believe.

So with the exception of perhaps Hair Tips Myth #5, which may or may not be true, you now have a better insight into whether or not the hair gossip you are hearing or reading at the hair salon or online is based on fact or fiction. Consider yourself “enlightened”!

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Hair Tips For Girls To Get The Hair You’ve Always Wanted

Have you ever wondered how celebrities can have such beautiful looking hair? Have you ever wanted the hair on your head to look like that? Well, you no longer have to wonder because you can have that hair too. The following article on hair tips for girls will tell you about the best-kept secrets to helping your hair look movie star perfect.

Sometimes, it is vital to use styling products to get the look that you want, but do not overuse gels or creams on your hair. This is an important hair tips for girls since excessive use of styling products can strip your hair of its natural ingredients and cause build up which does not look attractive. Limit your use of products for optimal hair health.

Hair tips for girls suggests using a leave-in-conditioner. It will give you a nice soft feel to your hair all day long. It is the equivalent of moisturizing your skin. Leave-in-moisturizers will protect your hair from any harmful sun rays or dirt or debris you may come across every day.

BONUS TIP! Don’t use straighteners on your hair every single day. Subjecting your hair to any type of heat will cause the structure of your hair to weaken over time.

For proper hair care, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly after washing it. Shampoo and conditioner left in the hair can leave a residue that dulls the hair. Do not just rinse once and stop. You need to make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly and remove all the hair care products from it so it will be shiny and not dull.

Outside conditions can be detrimental to your hair, but of course, you just have to make due and use other techniques that offset those complications. We all have to be outside, and everyone likes having fun in the sun. One good tip is to use a dehumidifier inside your home.

Another important hair tips for girls suggests to limit using hair products close to the roots, in order to avoid getting split ends. Sprays, mouses and gels contain a lot of damaging chemicals and the roots of your hair are more apt to absorb such damage than your delicate ends. Tip your head upside down to fluff and to lift from the roots, for better hold!

BONUS TIP! If you have hard water at home, avoid the use of highly lathering shampoos. Hard water makes it difficult to rinse soap well and the build-up of the shampoo in your hair can make your scalp itchy, dry and scaly.

Moisturize your curly hair with natural essential oils. Regardless of ethnicity, curly hair is prone to dryness and breakage. While there are many moisturizers on the market, simple oils such as jojoba and coconut are most easily utilized by your body. Furthermore, they are inexpensive!

Take care of your hair when you are out under the hot summer sun is another one of our hair tips for girls worth remembering. Sunshine can dry out your hair, and chlorine and salt from the ocean are even more harsh. Wear a hat when outdoors, and rinse your hair with clear water after going in a chlorinated pool or the ocean.

Using a blow dryer can damage your hair due to the excessive heat. If you must use a blow dryer, our hair tips for girls advises to use it on the cool setting. Make sure you don’t focus the dryer on one area and keep it moving around your scalp at a good distance. To get better results, pat your hair dry with a towel before using the blow dryer.

BONUS TIP! If you are going to be swimming in a chlorinated pool, you should make sure you wear a cap when swimming to protect it. If you do not have a cap, make sure you wash and condition your hair as soon as possible, afterwards, in order to protect it from the damage that chlorine causes.

When you are drying your hair, refrain from staying in the same spot for a long period of time. This can essentially burn your hair and leave your strands very weak and fragile. Move your hair dryer back and forth and keep it away from your scalp to maintain hair health.

One of our most popular hair tips for girls is to add your favorite fragrance to your favorite hair product before putting it into your hair. This will help your hair to look great and smell great, too. This can also help mask the different smells in your hair from all the different hair care products that you use.

Everyone’s hair can look as gorgeous as the hair found on a movie star’s head. It is just a matter of following the proper steps to maintain it. Hopefully, the hair tips for girls that were revealed to you will get you the look that you desire and can bring out the movie star in you.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7185659

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